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06-25-2012, 12:42 PM
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YAAAAAAAY I paid 299 to get access to a Beta... that has nothing to do with the Lifetime Perks towards Star Trek Online. Yayyy.. Betas which every other company lets you in for FREEEE... yay.. Ya know typically I have no problems with the stuff you have given us. But Seriously.. BETA access to ANOTHER GAME should not be a LIFETIME perk for a game called STAR TREK ONLINE. Something that Actually counts towards STAR TREK ONLINE ( and no foundry options coming out of neverwinter DO NOT COUNT). A Temporary perk in a way to troll in members who have dedicated themselves to your company is not a Real perk. It is a way for you to try to troll in Life time members to testing out your future cash cow that will most likely Get more Attention in the future then STO. All of your competitors Give Beta testing out to those interested, To those that DO NOT have to dole out 299/199 for a preview access.
Do you remember STO Closed Beta? People who bought LTS to Champs got closed beta access to STO as a perk. They then opened up access to others without making them pay. I'm sure the same thing will happen here.