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06-25-2012, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
I did not pay for a LTS to CO to play STO beta. There is a reason why I did not drop Cash 2 years ago on STO and I stayed with EVE ONLINE. Tho I did drop the cash recently (before things started going to absolute hell and MULTIPLE dev's started jumping ship (( all saying it has nothing to do with the situation)) which I did expect. Happened to Blizzard, happens to EA. New companies take over Devs jump). Give us a real Perk to pay for LTS because currently Everything you for the most part offer LTS and even GOLDS.. Can be easily recieved by spending 15$ for the one month of gold and grinding your characters to max before it expires.
So wait until they start letting in people that aren't LTS? I personally will never use mine as I refuse to play another PWE game, and that was before they bought out the game I tried to escape to in order to get away from them.

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So let me get this straight....

Cryptic wants LTS to test another game instead of playing STO, you know....the game they bought the LTS for?

Wtf happened to logic sinse the merge with our Overlords?
Since they did the exact same thing with the launch of STO... It seems just like their logic is exactly the same as it's always been?