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Originally Posted by kingdoxy View Post
Folks complaining about something free. Glad to see even if the boards change the posts from the users don't.
The problem isnt the fact of something Free. They offered the Champions Online crowd the same thing with the purchase of LTS. Then shortly after they opened up CBT to non LTS. They will do the same again. Just watch I bet soon they will be offering a contest on it (again) for keys and access to the CBT for neverwinter. The problem isnt things for Free. The problem is the twist behind it. Any non LTS will have access to this. The reason why we complain is its just Branflakes and PWE false promotion of actually giving us something.

Unless you have yet to set your title to the LTS title, I am assuming you have NOT dished out a bulk amount of money to a game to play. Meaning you have no reason to be pissed off. If you drop a few hundred on a game (299 not during a sale) then you Expect the money you paid for, the perks given to you, to affect the game you play. NOT a sad Promotion for there next game to try to sucker there Life time players over to.
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