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Coming soon: Food locations.

Here's a cliff's note version.
Earth Spacedock (Club), Starfleet Academy (Club), Deep Space Nine (Quark's), and the Captain's Table (Cap) all sell the exact same foods.

Drozana sells the same as the other Fed vendors, but also sells the Comet Cocktail.

Deferi Snow Tubers are only available on Defera

Qo'nos sells different food from the Fed vendors (more of a klingon flavor)

Bajor sells Bajoran foods (at ridiculously high prices comparatively)

Starbase 39, K-7, Ganalda, Vulcan, Risa, Andoria all do not have food vendors.

Pricewise: Replicator and Fed vendors are cheap (like 20 EC for everything). Bajor and Qo'nos are expensive.

Data Samples
Easiest way to find: Go to appropriate nebula and scan anomalies. Play minigame for best results (and chance at rare particles)

Red (Radiation Sample, Mineral Sample, Alien Artifact): Delta Volanis, Arucanis Arm, T'Ong Nebula

Aqua (Antimatter Sample, Biological Sample, Unknown Alloy): Arucanis Arm, Hromi Cluster, Khazan Cluster, T'Ong Nebula, D'kel Cluster

Green (Tetryon Particle, Plasma Sample, Encoded Data): Khazan Cluster, Afehirr Nebula, Eridan Belt, D'kel Cluster, Eridon Nebula

Blue (Methogenic Particle, DNA Sequence, Genetic Sequencer): Eridan Belt, Rolor Nebula, Betreka Nebula, Zenas Expanse Eridon Nebula, Azlesa Expanse

Yellow (Tachyon Wave Signature, Exobiological Data, Photonic Technology): Zenas Expanse, B'Tran Cluster, Azlesa Expanse

Violet (Chronometric Wave Signature, Unidentified Substance, Technical Schematic): B'Tran Cluster (Vice Admiral), Azlesa Expanse (Elite)

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