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06-25-2012, 03:31 PM
I had a thought about new ranks, if the cap limit is raised. I for one would not object to the reclassification of a couple of levels by inserting "Fleet Captain" and "Commodore" in after Captain and before the current Rear Admiral (Lower).
As I recall, Fleet Captain was the honorary rank given to senior captains in a group (or fleet) of ships and Commodore was a rank usually reserved for starbase commanders. Given how many Vice Admiral (desk jockeys) are flying ships, would it be so bad to have them renamed Commodore? You could have Junior Fleet Captain and Senior Fleet Captain replace the current RA grades.
You then free up RA Lower and Upper for above lvl50, Vice Admiral for post lvl 60 (if we get there) and Fleet Admiral if needed later.
Since we're resurrecting and using outdated ships why not outdated titles?