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06-25-2012, 11:34 PM
Q: (Jared1701) Are there still plans to bring crafting, a working shuttle bay, and new mini games to ship interiors and if so when?

Dstahl: These items had shown up in previous Engineering Reports as designs we were discussing and wanting to put in the game, but are not currently being worked on. At this time, we are focused on Starbase interiors. Neverwinter is working on a Foundry addition to build custom interior spaces (room by room). Once this feature is done and ready, we will have the opportunity to import something similar into STO. At that time, we would consider opening up the ability for players to fully customize their own ship interiors room by room and prop by prop. That is a ways off at this point, though.
This is what I am hoping for from Neverwinter. Currently playing a liberated borg captain with a few liberated borg crew members and a bunch of borg-enhanced crew members thanks to the Seven of Nine costume. Currently using a ship with a full borg set so being able to create a borgified interior will fit my captain so well. Being in the closed beta will allow me to get an estimate on how close this feature is to being introduced. If everything goes perfectly, then it should be available a few months after it is available to Neverwinter.

A decent perk for lifetimers that pertains to Neverwinter would be some ingame item in Neverwinter that is only available to STO lifers. Just like the Mirror Universe costume was intended to be. Not having to pay for it and getting exclusive use of it for a few months would be acceptable. Although, I suppose Champions Online lifers need another perk for it as well.