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this game is pretty cool for F2P, i even doled out some cash for the zen, but after getting my cool cruiser, i dont see anything that would make me want to be a lts... this game was designed to fail, and peeps who think that NWO will be making STO better has another thing coming. This company takes a project, runs it as far into the ground as they can, get as much isk out of it as they can, and then they start pushing the next game, and the next and the next, why they call these 300$ subscriptions "lifetime" subscriptions is just to deter from the fact that they arent interested in keeping sto alive for the next 3 years, likely even less, so the years you have put into it, depending on your type of play style, are gone, and dont mean ****... this is why no MMO on the market can compare to EVE Online, things ive done, and things ive earned were there 5 years ago, and will be there 5 years from now.... sto could have been like this, lmfao you can earn zen by completing online surveys, and buying other products not even related to gaming..... lols, you people are in the wrong business, this game will be gone in a year tops, EVE is FOREVER

I'm giving it a year possibly 2 at the most already the in game chat os dying or filled with spammers or disgusting degenerates especially at DS9 so turned my chat off. PVP has died as it takes ages to play a game and normally thats only Capture and Hold. STF's and Mirror Universe is becoming the same. This is the first MMO I've played religiously and will probably be here till the end although less regular. Cryptic have time to turn this around and make this a decent MMO. But they need to listen to the people who own the game not the people who want Refits or other factions but the real trekkies out there. Who like myself like playing KDF as well a FED at the moment my KDF character is just a dilithium mine just using his for Doff missions and thats it We need not only more FED Content not carriers or other ships but missions and maybe a new level cap.
And the KDF need something that makes them unique as all they have is BOP battle cloaks not everyone uses a BOP even if the ship is Gorn Nausican or ferasian.