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Originally Posted by rdm1958 View Post
i just posted concerning this. i'm serious....i was on one where we may have lost in less than 25 seconds. right at the start borg were swarming the kang......and of course no one noticed i was being over ran. typical.
To be honest, this is pretty difficult to believe. Not saying it's impossible - but a few problems spring to mind.

Firstly: The only ships that appear that early into the mission are the Borg BOP's

Secondly: It takes at least 10 (?) seconds for the initial BOP's to get within weapons range of the Kang. Assuming that no-one intercepted them en-route, the worst case senario is that, within that time frame, the Kang would have four BOP's attacking it.

Now, if you were protecting the Kang that's at least one BOP occupied - but that makes this senario worse. Because factoring in the time it takes for the BOP's to get within firing range, and the fact that you were fighting one, the end result is that the Kang was taken out by three BOP's in somewhere around 15 seconds. Not impossible as I've said, but either Captain Ja'rod killed and ate his shield repair officers, or Borg ships spammed the invisible torpedo of insta-doom.

I've seen STF's fail quickly, heck - my aforementioned 59 second one qualifies - but most of those were a by-product of ships (enemy and allies), exploding too close to the Kang, weakening it's shields thus allowing the BOP's to shoot directly at it's hull.