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06-26-2012, 04:54 AM
Originally Posted by goltzhar View Post
Every Elite Cure..... Get's one shotted .. people leaves .. tried about 25 times... Every time fail... not even close.

Cure Normal .... Sooooo easy... Elite... Impossible... I have given up.
Depends on the PuG you find yourself in. Example from earlier today - played Infected Space Elite earlier - infected isn't really one that you can fail, but it CAN take one heck of a long time to do if you find yourself in a PuG with players who are clueless and/or have poor DPS.

However, played one before work this morning with a great PuG - we blitzed everything within somewhere around ten minutes, and even then someone commented, on the chat screen, that our DPS could have been a little better!

Cure Elite is a pain though, since it's wholly dependant on keeping the Kang in one piece; something that too many PuG's ignore.