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# 118 Facepalm
06-26-2012, 03:55 AM
Okay... so LT subscibers now gonna get access to something that has NOTHING to do with Star Trek.

What's next, a free ticket for the Superbowl? Some Coupons for free Cheeseburgers?

I see what you actually are trying to change and it's a good thing... making lifetime subscriptions more valuable. But it should at least be something that is useful in THIS game.

Like, a unique, awesome ship plus shuttle and customizable interior, that levels with the toon so there is no restriction in which ranks it is useful/useable. Plus, additional Character perks that actually give something useful to the customer. Perhaps an additional weapon slot. Or whatever, i dunno... i'm not a game designer, you are. Use the force, Luke!

How about you start some surveys and see what the people would like to have, then consider doing it or not?