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06-26-2012, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Depends on the PuG you find yourself in. Example from earlier today - played Infected Space Elite earlier - infected isn't really one that you can fail, but it CAN take one heck of a long time to do if you find yourself in a PuG with players who are clueless and/or have poor DPS.

However, played one before work this morning with a great PuG - we blitzed everything within somewhere around ten minutes, and even then someone commented, on the chat screen, that our DPS could have been a little better!

Cure Elite is a pain though, since it's wholly dependant on keeping the Kang in one piece; something that too many PuG's ignore.
Infected is no problem .. 8 out of 10 completed with Opional and rarly dies, and im in Advanced Escort, But cure? I know it supposed to be hard ....not impossible, do I have to join a fleet to be able to do it on elite? (no more PUGS)
There is so much in STO that almost require a fleet to be joyable. With the knowledge and experience about Elite STF:s it should be a requirement to be in a fleet to do Elite STF:s
Would make it so much easier for mee ... I'm not in a fleet.