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Originally Posted by suricatta View Post
Not sure why anyone is complaining about this. It's a FREE perk...
I don't think people are complaining about the perk itself, so much, as the delivery. If the article header had read "Early/Exclusive NWN Beta access for Life-timers" the response would've been much different from the one "New Lifetime Subscriber Perk" has gotten. I know when I read that, the possibility that it might be anything other than something in or related to Star Trek Online never even crossed my mind.

I was in fact pleasantly surprised, as my current state of mind regarding anything and everything Cryptic does is a fairly cynical one, that after two years they actually seemed to be keeping their word on the LTS packages. If you'll recall, for quite a long time the LTS page used to say that there would be more benefits for LTSers down the line. It doesn't say that anymore, and it never happened. You could try to cram the veteran awards into that vacuum, but it doesn't quite fit the way it should. If anything, some people will tell you the LTS 'lost' something when the Captain's Table went 400-day veteran award. Personally I didn't mind that. CT was a ghost town, still is, and will become even more of one with the new fleet starbases drawing away 'the crowds'.

Point is, when we clicked that link, giddy with anticipation, we got this. Again, it's not about the gift horse. Nevermind the fact that usually the prereq for beta access is having an e-mail address. NWN looks okay - I'm not that into fantasy, but who knows, I might be very, very bored some time. (I play STO afterall.)

It's the (misre)presentation of the gift horse. And the Greek soldiers inside.

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