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06-26-2012, 06:16 AM
And speaking of which....

Just come away from a failed CSE. A really annoying one nonetheless.

Spent the vast majority of my time killing BOP's whilst some bigmouth in an Odyssey (running pretty low DPS phasers) kept mouthing off with rubblish like "lol you escorts should be killing BOP's in five seconds" and "lol, you escorts have crap DPS". The only one with poor DPS was bigmouth himself; the escorts present (including myself) WERE generally taking the BOP's down in around ten seconds.

Sadly, despite his drivel, Captain Bigmouth was hopelessly ineffective and countless BOP's wound up shooting at the Kang. By the time the Raptors showed up there was no hope and we were treated to the red text of fail and Captain bigmouth ranting on about how crap the escorts all were.