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I have been speaking quite a few people about this and there have been various suggestons but the one that stood out from the rest was that there seems to be quite a few people including myself who would like all the pre-order stuff in the C store.

1)TR-116 rifle

2)Red Matter Capacitor

these items were part of the collectors edition and the pre-order now I would like to be able to buy these in the C store they could them as say a pre-bundle

3) Return of the emote packs now Dan Stahl did say a while ago they might be add them to the gpl store but that has not materialised for some strange reason. So why not just put them back in the C store for people to buy for I am tired of having emotes that are unlocked and am a lifetime member so I kind of feel that I have more earned them so to speak. So please Cryptic put them back into the game either via the gpl store in the C store. :smile: