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Even at minimum settings, my Engine power is at about 50+, so combat engines don't really do anything for me. I use the Borg engines right now for the other benefits. Even at minimum power, my speed is high enough to max out my defense bonus, and at higher speeds, I find I have to be extra careful that I don't close too fast so that I can release my Bio-Neural warhead (due to the minimum firing distance).

Extra speed is great though if you're delivering Tricobalts, as you can close to release range faster, and get out of the blast radius faster.

I run W50, S25, E25, A100. I used to run engines at 50 and weapons at 25, but the extra power in the weapons helps with the damage on the Bioneural's turret, and keeps shields lower.

edit: Had a close call and almost had to wipe my list. Had just escaped a dude (USS Antesignami), then the dude got me when my first officer popped up and dropped me from cloak. Luckily, I had already destroyed that guy in our first encounter (1st kill of the session, actually).


I.K.S. Valkyrja, B'rel Retrofit

Kills since last loss (repeats not listed): USS Nikola Tesla, USS Excession, USS Orkulus, USS Slughome VI, USS Java, USS Aquila, USS House of Usher, USS Achilles, USS Van Nassau, USS Stalingrad, USS Iron Maiden, USS Anslinger, USS Momus, USS Amaterasu, USS Slovakia, USS Annabell, USS Hyperion, USS Davie, USS Saratoga /A, USS Liberation, USS Accra, USS Majestic, USS Silent, USS Night of Tears, USS Kendall /X, USS Heisenberg, USS Kratos, USS Simple /D, USS Lairds, USS Memento Mori, USS Cyclone /S, USS Astartes, USS November, USS Bastogne, USS Zeal, USS Feelgood, USS Flying Dutchman, USS Clunge Gunge, USS Excalibur 1 /D, USS Pico /NX, USS Ursus 1, USS Ghost Chili, USS Advanced, USS Vallient, USS Addo of Nex, USS N.B.A., USS Astraea, USS Defiance, USS Seshomaru, USS Hors-Service, USS Login Sin, USS Dortmund, USS James Maxwell, USS Ranger, USS Zeus, USS Vendetta, USS Fontainebleau, USS Colt, USS Edna, USS Ticonderoga, USS Acid Rain, USS Hell Strike, USS Thule, USS Eleanor II, USS Umbrella, USS McHaggis IX, USS Ithaca, USS Leonard Wood, USS Atlantis, USS Warpstorm, USS Andromeda, USS Nefarious /E, USS Ranger IV, USS Hellcat-Escort, USS Seeker, USS Barael's Blade, USS Salerna, USS Nova, USS Indefatigable V, USS Akira, USS Shadow of Greed, USS Morningstar /E, USS Catalina, USS Cavalier, USS Cartago, USS Humboldt, USS Bellerophon, USS Freinet, USS Minnehaha, USS Phoenix, USS Sorcery, USS Tiberius, USS Valkyrie, USS Gene Roddenberry, USS Mindal, USS Broken Arrow II, USS Merlin, USS Lord Apophis, USS Liberty, USS Sakura, USS Moon, USS Awesome, USS Waxahachi, USS Serenity Valley, USS David Hume, USS Ronan II, USS Nordic, USS Dark Horizon, USS Enterprised, USS Dreadnought, USS Lancaster, USS Copper Dragon, USS Ol Painless, USS Lost Cause, USS Avenger, USS Independence, USS Yorktown, USS Balsac, USS John Henry /B, USS Acheron, USS Bene Gesserit, USS Bernina, USS Shinigami, USS V.X.L.O.R.N.M.E., USS Blade /D, USS Xanadu, USS Ostrom, USS Mac Arthur, USS Twisted Endz, USS Russia, USS JaneWay, USS Antesgnami, USS Dorchester, USS White Knight, USS Laura, USS Konoha, USS Maribor

How to make this list (Rules):

1. The outcome must be the result of the first encounter in our respective ships.
2. I may not ambush you at your warp-in.
3. I must wipe this list if the IKS Valkyrja is destroyed in an engagement which meets the criteria in rule #1.
4. Similar to #2, if our first encounter is me warping into Kerrat, only to find myself in a blue cloud with a countdown timer, I will not wipe the list, so do not ask.

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