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Lol - a Funcom game - IE the company that did the two worst MMO launches in MMO history - aka Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. I'm no fan of many of Crypotic's recent decisions but as a person who was involved in AO beta and launch, and *** beta and launch - I passed on the beta key offered for Funcom's latest offering as I now it'll be like the rest of their stuff in the end.

Also, you want to talk about a company that borrows from peter to pay paul as it were...
And Cryptic's architecture is any different? My point is that the end result here, as seen in the screen shots, is substantial.

Cryptic has failed, at nearly every turn, to at least improve the base level of quality. That is unacceptable to me as a customer.

This other company has seriously impressed me with their latest offering. This is what I ask from any company. If there were problems in the past, fix them for the future.
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