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Owing however, to the textual space limitation, I shall stagger the sections of the document in subsequent posts.
You could add links in the second post's table of contents directly to the section posts, for people that don't necessarily want to read straight through.

Er, never mind, this was posted before the forums got mucked up.

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Funding for U.S.S. William Wallace Provided by: Advanced Starship Design Bureau and United Federation of Planets Defense Council
Although the game has money, I'm not sure the Federation we've come to know through the show would have a "funded by" note. Just sayin'.

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Length: 343.5 meters
Width: 217.26 meters
Height: 51.72 meters
Mass: 945,000 metric tons
Cargo capacity: 42,900 metric tons

Hull: Ablative armor overlaying a duranium-tritanium composite hull, augmented by synthetic castrodium alloy structural members and micro-fiber reinforced jevonite hard points over critical compartments.

Number of Decks: 14 Total, 12 Habitable.
I like how you incorporate consoles and in-game materials. I'm curious: how did you get those measurements?

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It has a normal operational crew of 200 people, but can accommodate up to 550 in emergencies.
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The U.S.S. William Wallace carries sixty-two of the six-person variant lifeboats
62 x 6 = 372. Can the shuttles hold 128 people? 2 Delta class, 4 type 9, and 4 type 18 pods - 10 total. You'd have to fit 12 - 13 people in each of those craft to fully evacuate in the event of a ship-destroying event. Something to think about.

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A word of caution: I have taken a healthy serving of writer's prerogative and modified some of the capabilities of the starship in order to stay within the realm of Star Trek canon yet not stray away from the abilities and ideas depicted in-game. As such I would welcome feedback (of the constructive and critical type) so that I can improve on what I include in this thread.
That's always the challenge in something like this - combining reality, Star Trek canon, and game abilities. I think you've done a pretty good job. It's a bit wordy, but your descriptions definitely match BO abilities or game tactics in a plausible way, which is cool.

I did have to skim a few sections reading it just now, but it all looks pretty good. I would suggest creating a condensed version - the full length one is cool, and interesting for people who want to read all of it, but I imagine many (most) people would prefer a shorter cliff notes version. Other than the length, I like it. Very thorough & detailed. You've clearly put a lot of thought into how the ship would operate based on its structure and the in-game mechanics, and turned it into a great piece of work.
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