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06-26-2012, 12:00 PM
Probably because they won't be getting anymore money out of subscription time from me. And the account's going to be lifetime 800, 900, and however many thousand days after it's been converted to a lifetime membership. Why should I have to wait that length of time to get rewards I know are coming to me anyway? To make things 'sweeter' for me when they arrive?

I bought STO on launch as well, and were it not for the fact that my finances were, at that time, rather hard up, I would have all of these rewards by now. As it was, I've been an on and off subscriber since release, seen pretty much all the content patches as they dropped... Why should you get the veteran rewards, simply for having more money to splash on subscription fees, or because you could afford the cost of a lifetime sub at release, when I haven't been able to simply because of hard luck?

I say just cut the crap and give 'em to me now, I paid my 120 pounds, thank you very much.