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06-26-2012, 12:13 PM
Another clarification: When I was updating posts previously in the STO forum, they were already mirroring the "Upcoming Events" thread that PWE_Branflakes was updating... With the exception that I also had a link to the affected calendar so that you could SEE what it looked like and where it was in relation to the other events. So for example:

Now, another main difference between this thread and the previous "upcoming events thread" was that Branflakes could edit the OP of the thread with a simple link, which turned the OP into a giant list (which IMO is not very appealing to look at for what should be a calendar). While Branflakes "could" do something similar to that with this thread, he wouldn't be able to update the calendars, or blog, or G+ page unless I gave him Management rights on each of those... which, the more I think about, the more I wonder if I should just apply for a Community Rep position for STO and get paid to do keep doing all things myself. Hrm...

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