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# 1 Galaxy-X Loadout ?
06-26-2012, 01:04 PM
So once I got to VA I got kind of bored and started screwing around with different ships for end game play. I had used the Gal-X here and there through rear admiral and then picked up an Odyssey class once I got to VA because I wanted to have a fancy "flagship" type ship to fly around and blow up the Borg in. So I found myself going back and forth between my Sovy(quantums and anti-protons) and the Odyssey(transphasic launcher and disruptor beam boat) and decided I was bored of them both. I shook the dust off my Gal-X last night, loaded it up with some fancy new weapons and then did the Bajoran arc to get all the Jem Hadar gear. The ship seems to do pretty awesome, especially since I went with Polarons combined with the Jem set, has some nice bonuses. Here is what I am running with now. All gear is MK XI and purple quality.

Fore - 1 Polaron DHC, 1 Polaron Canon, 2 Polaron Beam Arrays (all are 2X Crit severity and +Crit chance)
Aft - 1 Polaron turret, 3 Polaron Beam Arrays (again all are 2X Crit severity and +crit chance)

So far I'm loving the damage, on a frontal assault from 10k out I can strip the sheilds down pretty fast and use the phaser lance to usually take out the capital ships in one pass before I even get within 5k and then the support ships go down quickly. I'm running 3 tac consoles for +Polaron Damage, and that seems to be working pretty well. At this point I'm just debating some tweaks.

Would adding another turret on the back end help anything? I stayed with the 3 beams beecause this thing is a space barge and when things get behind me it's nice to have the constant DPS of the beams available. With EPW3, BTS-Shields, and Beam Overload II, it seems to work fairly efficiently.

I'm also considering adding a launcher in front or rear. I have a tac officer with high yield II and with Quantums that would be a nice added punch up front, but it would also be nice to toss a launcher in back to deal with those pesky escorts that get behind me. I've always stuck by Quantums througout the game, but would anything else like the Breen rapid fire transphasic launcher be better? It just seems everytime I try another torpedo class besides photons there just isn't any benefit, though I do like the burst damage on the heavy plasma torp. Any suggestions? I've seen the Tricobalts do big damage but they always seem to get shot down. Chronitons have the nice slow effect but again the DPS seems miniscule on them.