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06-26-2012, 02:12 PM
I think you are a little heavy on the torpedoes. I know it's kind of cookie-cutter, but I always ran a 3-beam array 1 launcher set up fore and aft on my Sovy.

Cruisers really are set up better to broadside, so if you are set on having the dual beam bank, I'd only use one fore, as it can help with frontal attacks on your initial pass, but you want to have at least 2 beams available for broadsiding. By having the 2 dual banks and the 2 launchers up front, you are really limiting your broadside capability. You will notice a big difference in your DPS if you swap at least 2 of those out for beam arrays.

Also seems like you are mixing weapon types which isn't a big deal, but in terms of DPS you'd be much better off sticking to a certain weapon type (phaser, tetryon, etc.) and then loading up on the consoles that do +% damage for that weapon. It would make your DPS a lot more effective. Just pick which weapon you want to go with in terms of the bonus effect, most people tend to run phasers for the chance to disable a subsystem. Also look for engineering consoles to boost weapon and shield power.

I'm not sure about the Hargh' Peng launcher, but for straight DPS it's hard to beat the Quantums and Photons.