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Personally, I'd rather stick to only races who have appeared and been given focus for in more than one episode throughout the whole Star Trek series.

Many of these races were only the focus of one or two episodes in one series, mostly TNG. There's very little beyond what the episode itself tells us that we know about them.

Pure-Energy beings would be out, just because something tells me that Starfleet would have a hard time sending an incorporeal being through Starfleet Academy training.

I'd also prefer to exclude any races who only had one gender show up. It's bad enough that the Tellarites are a playable race even though no female gender has canonically been CONFIRMED anywhere in the franchise. I wonder what the devs were thinking when they created them?

Although, the Humanoid races you mentioned like the Haliians probably don't have that much physical difference between genders, so it wouldn't be hard to make them duty officers.

I'm in total agreement for the Denobulans. Apparently the only one who shows up in the entire game was your captain at the start of the tutorial, right before he gets killed off-screen. I always wondered why the entire race who was prominently featured throughout Enterprise would be excluded like that.
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