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06-26-2012, 03:42 PM
Sometimes less communication can be a good thing. How many of us were pretty upset about Gozer's not my department not my problem response to the invisitorps when the respawn penalty was introduced. I can think of several off the cuff responses from Devs and other Cryptic employees that have upset the community.

I for one would much rather see a corporate release with correct well thought out helpful information. We are not all friends with the Devs. Last time i checked Stahl is not my movie buddy and i do not go down to the bar and have karaoke night with Tumerboy. And we do not all meet up at Gozer's on sunday nights to watch True Blood. I want facts and helpful information not chit chat and promises that are not really promises anyway from devs. Leave the releases to the professionals let the developers do their jobs.