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06-26-2012, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by dashuk2381 View Post
So I switched over to Phasers, had plenty of ECs from where I sold my Jem Hadar ship and was able to go all purps on the cannons and turrets. I still had to pop a quantum up front, I'll have to slowly ween myself off of the launcher, but holy crap! With cannon rapid fire the 3 cannons and 4 turrets is ridiculous!

Now I just have to work on either getting the Aegis or Borg set, as I haven't even looked at getting either of those. In the mean time is the Reman shield worth it? I got a nice VA drop doing some dailies with a CapX2 that is over 7000 for shields and it was actually better than the Jem shields so I swapped over to it.
It's a good tide-me-over, but you definitely want to start doing STFs for the MACO set, Borg set, or look on the exchange for the Aegis set. MACO imho is the best of the above, but that is personal preference.

Meantime glad I could help.