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06-26-2012, 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by brackynews View Post
Not sure what forums you frequent, but all the ones I do either don't allow it at all, or make it a premium feature. Don't point unnecessary fingers or we'll just call you Captain Sassypants no matter what name you have. :tongue:
Not that it's any business of yours, but I can say that there atleast 5-10 forums I frequent on a daily basis, all involving gaming, 3d art or Star Trek. And of those 5-10 forums, most of them allow the users to change their forum name, or in the very least, the ability to add a custom title (I.e instead of Member, it might read Formerly known as Darkthunder).

And like I said, most of those forums, also have capable admins who are friendly and helpful enough to provide a forum name change, if it's not directly enabled by the forum software.

I'm sure, if people pony up enough cash to the PW overlords, you'll see an INSTANT addition of a forum name change. Right now, the party line is "We can't change your display name", when in reality, it's a simple matter of COST and WORK. Naturally, they won't change our names FOR FREE, when they can make some extra money off of us.

Originally Posted by doogie74 View Post
Will we have an option to find our previous post like we did in the old forums?

On the CO forums I have to log in with my pwe account now but it still has my old forum name on the CO forums. Can I have my old name since i already have it in the CO forums?
A very good point there doogie. When i'm logged in (using my Perfect World login), at the CO forums, I see my old name as Darkthunder in the forums. So the name is clearly still accessable via my login. But not usable on THESE forums (and soon won't be usable on the CO forums either).