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06-26-2012, 07:46 PM
In a normal PUG, 3 fleet players appeared along with 2 newbie PUGgers doing their first normal ground STF.

The noobs were very friendly and offered to coordinate tactics with the veteran players.

Veteran players replied "PLZ LOOK AT MY GEAR" and so it was silent running.

Halfway through the match I discovered the 2 noobs were doing most of the tanking and heavy damage with innovative use of expose and exploit weapons. One would fire a minigun salvo from overwatch position and mow down drones and the other would standby with a compression pistol to totally pwn the elite tac drones with single shots doing massive damage.

Where were the "veterans"? They did negligible useful damage and stayed far from the battle as though afraid of one-shots.

The noobs could actually tank the tac drones or dodge fire and their shields and armor had very high plasma resistance ([Pla] [PlaTet] armor etc). Being engineers both they could also repair shields on the fly even without MACO set.

Turret demolition was likewise very fast, with one noob with demolition kit and the other with quantum mortars.

The fleet 'veterans' all charged in to plant demolition charges all at once but neglected to draw aggro off from the small turrets. They realized this the hard way halfway through and one of them tried to compensate with his MACO battle rifle... which did minor damage to the small turret. Noob whipped out a compression pistol and pwned the small turrets in 3 seconds flat at point blank range.

The rest of the map progressed on similar note with the newbies leading and demolishing everything in their path with engineering skills and expose/exploit chains. The newbies' reaction times to changing tactical conditions was spectacular, while the still arrogant and hostile 'veterans' still insisted on remaining as far away from the battle as possible.

When it came to the boss (Armek), one of the fleeties took a TEN MINUTE BREAK stalling the entire attack and killing her team's morale and then, for the first time in the entire game, started barking orders at everyone.

And the noobs politely declined comment, since, if people wanted to follow textbook rules and textbook procedures to win, those fleet players should at least be competent at that.

But for everything else, two STF ground newbies did the majority of the heavy hitting and didn't die even once thanks to good use of Engineering skills and innovative normal gear setup.

Famous last words - someone in MACO XI costume saying on team chat PLZ LOOK AT MY GEAR... and doing the worst DPS in the team.
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