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06-26-2012, 07:53 PM
Originally Posted by thomas12255 View Post
The attitude in this thread is sicking. You get something for free and you complain?

You didn't pay your LTS for Neverwinter, this is just a bonus, why complain about it, you've been getting all your STO stuff for 2 years now with LTS.
First off, I've been paying for the annual subscription since the game went from Beta to Live. PWE is using this offer to "sweeten the pot" for people like me to buy a new LTS account. The problem is that this offering really isn't a "free perk", it's a way for them to further market a new product that we (at this time) aren't using, Neverwinter. For them to promote it as some major perk ( D&D style world game in a Spaceship Shoot'em up game) is due to either

A) Poor marketing concept

B) To promote the new game through the older game

Either of those reasons don't really add value to a typical STO player.