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Originally Posted by quintaris View Post
Of course worse than that is when you've got three cruisers protecting the time vortex in KA and still fail the optional because a couple probes got through.
Oh that's easy, though -- they're new to STFs / just generally terrible players with no snares or DPS, so hangin' out by the vortex gives them little time on-target before they probes get through, likely at low health but still alive nonetheless.


The amount of KASEs with a failed optional 'cause one player is too proud to ask for help until the probes are practically bumpin' uglies with the vortex is frustrating.

Lately I've been having huge "success" in getting in IGE PuGs that have no idea how the assimilation of the officers works and then get all confused when they trigger the first one and fail to rescue him/her in time (is the first one always that caitian female, or do I just tend to see her a lot in my runs?).

'course this happens in normal, too, but at least there it's way easy to bum-rush the officers and save them.

These IGE runs also had a good number of folks who liked to swim in the plasma in the boss room, but I don't hold that against anyone. Sometimes lag kills, and if you're used to the green bridges it's not necessarily easy.

On a more positive note, the other day in DS9 zone chat overall agreed that the instant remod is a huge boon and, as far as I was able to tell, advised some players asking questions to go ahead and complete a MK X set rather than hold out for MK XI (and, of course, not at all to hold off until they got MK XII). Good advice in DS9?? It can happen!
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