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06-26-2012, 07:56 PM
Yes, this system totally sucks, step 1 link accounts for 2 hours, since that system is also terrible. Set up to buy this joke of ZEN, click Visa, sends me to moneybookers ( which i had probs with before ) Reset up my account there with new info, im like YEAH! But nope, Verified by visa pops up now, oh joy, off to thier site to set up new card, same bank, same eveything cept a new number.... whats this, my card isnt accepted.... then insult to injury, Moneybookers aka Skrill locks my account and have to go through the password junk again.

Moral of the story, PWE / Cryptic isnt getting an extra $100 on top of my $30 a month.

Terrible system, Cryptics was way better. I will bet my card is good enough to charge for the $15 x 2 a month though .....

Never thought i would be mega mad at not spending money lol