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Due to the forum limitation of 11,000 characters, this FAQ has to be split up into multiple posts. This sub-FAQ is on Tribble Sub-Species, or Breeds. Other sections are linked here for quick reference:

Primary FAQ
Tribble Powers
Tribble Breeds (you are here)

If you are interested in sharing info about tribbles, please join the in-game channel TribbleInfo, as well as posting what you discover in this thread. Please be as specific as you can about the circumstances, as we're still not sure what all the variables are.

Other Useful links:
IfniLuck's Guide to Tribbles: IfnLuck was the first person to publicly organize a food and breed cross-reference chart, and as of this writing still the most informative.
STO-Intel's wiki page on Tribbles: Currently mostly info cobbled from other sources, but the format might be easier to use for some people.
The_MadTom's Tribble Breeding Table: The_MadTom has a differently-organized google doc, a spreadsheet that may be more useful for certain purposes


The following sub-species (or breeds) of tribble are known, organized for now by their activatable power.
Genus species sub-species "Color" (color clarification, pattern details, etc.)

()Polygeminus grex susilo "White" (almost radiant white, HTML "ghostwhite")
()Polygeminus grex stahl "Cream" (under magnification, may be a flecked mix of White and Tan; HTML "moccasin" (used here) or "antiquewhite")
()Polygeminus grex sparkes "Tan" (a light brown, khaki; HTML "burlywood" (used here), "peru", or "tan")
()Polygeminus grex dotson "Brown" (a medium-dark brown, milk chocolate; HTML "saddlebrown")
()Polygeminus grex thompson "Black" (probably actually a very dark brown, dark chocolate; HTML "black" is not a good match but there isn't anything closer)
()Polygeminus grex vitales "Gray" (pale cool gray; HTML "lightgray" used here, but better match pending)
Polygeminus grex tuffli "Cream with Brown Stripes" (original description, and probably the way most people think of it; under magnification, it may actually be Brown with a broad equatorial Cream stripe and several large Cream spots. One could argue that the pale color is Tan rather than Cream, but in comparison to jasperson and nix under magnification, the pale color is distinctly lighter here. This may well be the "mutt" breed result, with middling colors and a mix of stripes and spots)

(Damage) Resistance Buff:
Polygeminus grex nix "Brown with large Tan spots" (spots are approximately circular, and arranged in what may be an approximately cubic (or dodecahedral) vertex pattern)
Polygeminus grex stacy "Black with multiple small White spots" (from Demonical_3, confirmed by Dakirn and Nack)

Damage Buff:
Polygeminus grex jasperson "Tan with single equatorial Brown stripe"
Polygeminus grex mccary "Tan with Brown spots" (from Adeon_Hawkwood)
Polygeminus grex cavallaro "White with Black spiral stripe" (alternatively Black with White Z pattern, the 3D pattern appears to be a white "polar cap" top and bottom, with a diagonal stripe or ring between them; from IfniLuck)
Polygeminus grex vitales [sic] "Ttruncated icosahedron (soccer ball) pattern; Orange faces with Red "seams"; single medium Brown spot in each face" (Some also describe it as an "eyeball" pattern. This appears to be a bug or naming error, a very rare type with the same name as a common type. Currently being described as "vitales-snail" on the forums until we get an official name fix. Reported by Snailelin, confirmed by Profetius Eteus)

Regeneration Buff:
Polygeminus grex deangelo "Black with White spiral stripe" (alternatively White with Black Z pattern; the 3D pattern appears to be a dark "polar cap" top and bottom, with a diagonal stripe or ring between them; from IfniLuck)
Polygeminus grex henry "Brown with single equatorial Tan stripe" (reported on exchange by Snicker, confirmed by Dakirn)
Polygeminus grex highison "Light Purple with double-zigzag Dark Purple stripes" (reported by Troglis)

Multiple Effects:
Polygeminus grex mattson " "Orange with multiple zigzag Dark Purple stripes" (alternatively vice-versa; from Demonical_3, confirmed by nmdrkangl and Troglis); Damage Buff + Regeneration Buff
Polygeminus grex rivera "?golden/orange with blue halo fur?"; Resistance Buff + Regeneration Buff + Combat Skill Buff (?) (reported as the pre-order tribble; from Mockingbird)

Polygeminus grex howe "White with multiple small Black spots" (reported on exchange by Zacuis, confirmed by Dakirn)
Polygeminus grex ricossa "Orange with multiple small Dark Purple spots" (from Dakirn)
Polygeminus grex griffis "Dark Purple with multiple White rings" (alternatively, Dark Purple with large White spots which each contain a small Dark Purple spot; from Dakirn)

Please post any info you have on new breeds, or further details on the above breeds.

Last updated 2010-02-09, with info from Live (Holodeck)
i have a tribble i have not seen listed in any of the links you have mentioned. its a rare gamma quadrant tribble that gives a damage buff against domminion as well as a perceptiona nd stealth buff