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# 1 Black/Missing Textures
06-26-2012, 09:46 PM
There have been many mentioning black or what they think might be missing textures on ships, and on some environment assets.

These textures are not missing, it was an error caused by our processing the models into an in game usable form. The issues weren't noticed until we made the upgrade to DX11, which revealed them. For the most part, the black textures will only be visible with DX11 enabled. There are some who report seeing the errors in DX9 mode. We know of an issue with ATI cards that may cause this, but there are some nvidia cards that may still experience it. If you are experiencing these errors, please report them here. If you would prefer not to see the errors at all, you can try disabling DX11, or messing with your graphics settings (lighting seems to have an effect).

Many of these errant models have been reprocessed to address the issue. Most of those were brought up in some of the previous threads on the subject.

As all of those threads have been archived, I've created this thread as a place you can report such errors.

Please keep in mind that all of the reprocessing that's been done so far was done in Branch 20 (Season 6) thus, at this moment, those changes should be visible on Tribble, but are NOT on Holodeck yet.

If you are playing on Tribble, and still seeing errors, please report them here.

If it's a ship, please tell me which ship, and if you are using any special pieces/skins/etc.

If it's in the environment somewhere, please tell me where (which map) this occurred on, as well as a description of where in the map, or what the object is.

Any screenshots you can provide will be most useful.

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