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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
i cant help but scroll up and count 27 missions in the klingon war arc for federation player. thats not counting exploration, defend sector, patrols, and the cardasian and romulan arc.

so good job making their point about there being next to no klingon content.
8 missions, better than any of the launch Federation content, constitutes "MAJOR CONTENT BEFORE ALPHA" in any book. I did not make their point, I refuted it with actual evidence to the contrary.

Don't forget that they also opened up every sector in the game to the KDF, added Explore missions, Fleet Actions, Sorties, race specific costumes, and race specific ships.

Fact is that the KDF is the only faction that has received specific new mission content since the game was launched. If KDF players continue to ignore all the gains that have been made, then what is the point of even trying to make more progress?

Anyone can be displeased about the state of the faction, but there is no reasonable argument that the KDF has received no support when they have received just as much, if not more, faction specific support since the game launched.
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