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06-26-2012, 11:37 PM
Lately, all of KASE I ran are bad experiences. Everytime there's one or two leavers. KASE is an extremely boring stf because two players have two kills probe. It's like factory job. And after there's Donatra which is really and extremely aggressive. She can run after a player, when she acquire a target she doesn't forget it until she kill it. So. Yesterday I was happy. Eventhough we lost optionnal. 7 probes passed out. We had to deal with Donatra. But... there the nightmare started. One tac didn't understand it's useless to be front on Donatra. Respawn => shot =>die=> waiting for timer => respawn => shot => die. He got more than 1minute 30.
Another tac has no dps. A tac with a caitan and me we deal with donatra. It took 1 hour. We were 5 and we needed 90 minutes to end up KASE.