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Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
Yeah, there's two big problem right there.

Escorts are faster and don't even bother to wait. And often times a Cruiser will want to get it's power levels back up, and some folks don't want to wait for that either (most captains don't want to have to rush in with their power levels ridding the gutter, especially when they're expected to be the target).

And yeah, no one bothers to organize and so few people play well together. Thus a lot of Cruiser folks will also wait because they've gotten tired of running headlong into the fray only for the Escorts to ignore them and head after other targets, leaving the Cruiser to get swarmed and die. So you pull up, slow/stop to see if anyone is following, then an impatient Escort captain zooms past you at lightspeed...

So really, the problem is lousy communication all around, and a lot of impatience with folks not even waiting long enough for anyone to type out a message and form some type of (incredibly basic) strategy. Good thing the game has built in voice chat. Or it would be except that no one bothers to use it...
I was going to say something similar to this.
My mains are Eng/Cruisers and tanks (with max threat). I never "hang back". It's my job to rattle the hornet's nest, and get in first. The only time I don't is when (usually) an escort full impulses past me into the fight.

Also OP... if you tested this in an Ody and a Bortas... do those characters have points in threat control? That's the only real way you could pull aggro reliably from Escorts, unless they are not trying to do damage. With your increased damage from tac abilities, and threat control, I could see you being able to hold threat against cruiser captains with only, say, 6pts in threat.
Just a thought.
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