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06-26-2012, 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
It should. That's how it normally is in PvP and that is the gold standard for how the game should function and play optimally. By that, I mean primarily a healer.

If you want to do burst damage, use an escort.
This isn't PVP though and there is no "standard" play style in this game (one of the strengths of this game is not blindly adhering to an strict trinity standard). That might be how you prefer to play (which is fine), in which case you should try to form a premade group of like minded players if you want that kind of game experience.

My equally flippant remark is if you do not want to blow up so often fly an cruiser. Not an terribly helpful remark is it? As Happy and others have pointed out in this thread most people in PUGs do not communicate or form any kind of an plan in advance. It's completely unrealistic to expect everyone in this game to play the same way and have the same amount of game play experience.

Just trying to point out that PUGs can be an bad idea if you can't adapt to what you have to work with in the group or try to work out some kind of an plan.