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06-27-2012, 12:21 AM
1 Escorts are FASTER and head to targets without waiting for the big boys
2 Escorts often are running comms silent (they don't or can't communicate with the fleet)
3 Escorts often disregard orders/mission directives or a group organised plan

But if you don't want to get blown to skev and back Don't leave your C+C cruiser
stay with it
Escort it

Escorts in pairs can work well
(Two escorts = 1 cruiser in survival terms)

When people are rezzing in at the start of a mission / stf /fleet action
Hold your position and cool your thrusters Until EVERYONE is active

Comm everyone "Hi" or "Anyone have a plan" works well

Do not END RUN the sats in mirror universe
Do not Start blowing away targets when only one person has rezzed in
and do not use the phrase "Loser go tank for me " or you WILL die

and Frankly if you don't want to be the man on point and the first to draw fire
Don't fly an escort