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06-27-2012, 01:57 AM
At this point with 11 LG's and one 3 levels from 50 from doff system being almost 12 LG's this is just my point of view because I am done making new characters...

I'd rather see end game content but to the point like when I test something on tribble as a KDF person that its not horribly bugged or to the point where I just watch federation testers doing the shooting and I have to sit and watch...

This is what I see happening though with the KDF to be brutally honest the tutorial will be an optional thing asking you yes or no if you want to take a tour of the city. Then before any of that happens you will have 19-20 levels of serving on a ship where you kill everyone above you until you reach commander rank of your ship. That would be the best true to Klingon lore way to rise in rank without taxing too much dev time and pretty much settle the content issue.

It also kinda goes with the timeline since as a player you are not intermingled with the doings of B'vat and so forth. For content wise all this stuff KDF is not involved with currently at lower levels I believe as future content the KDF actually get involved after the fact it just works with what we have and it gets the job done and moves the game back on track.

Edit: Another side note to the podcasters in this regard being this thing is about 2.5 hours or more long and its not broken down into segments and being I am not really into podcasts to begin with... If I am just trying to listen to hear the interview and not all the other beating around the bush talk I'd just suggest putting segments where people can just listen to the interview if need be.

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