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06-27-2012, 01:51 AM
Since launch there have been several new episodes added:
  • 3 Federation exclusive (Collateral Damage, Asset Recovery, State of Q)
  • 9 KDF exclusive (Bringing Down the House, The House Always Wins, Second Star to the Right Straight on 'til Morning, Keep Your Enemies Closer, Blood of the Empire, Destiny, Afterlife, The Gates of Gre'thor, Alpha)
  • 24 Faction neutral (Assimilation, The Return, Fluid Dynamics, A Light in the Dark, and 5 from each feature series: Cold War, Spectres, Cloaked Intentions, The 2800)

When the game launched there were 42 Federation episodes and 0 KDF episodes for 45 and 41 levels of gameplay, respectively (or 0.93 episodes/level for Fed, 0 episodes/level for KDF).

Today there are 69 Federation playable episodes and 33 KDF playable episodes for 51 and 31 levels of gameplay, respectively (or 1.35 episodes/level for Fed, 1.06 episodes/level for KDF).

I'd still like to see a lot more KDF-exclusive content added, but what I think is really hurting its numbers is not lack of content but the barrier to entry: players have to be half-way finished to leveling up a Federation character before they can start their first KDF.

Also see: STO Timeline and Fed-KDF disparity (table).
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