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I run a cruiser and although i know the kind of players you're talking about, i've seen this happen with all kinds of class ship, and the behaviour isn't restricted to cruisers. It's not the type of ship, skills, boff powers you have . . it's the captain sitting in the chair, that likes to sit back while the team does all the hard stuff. I had a player in infected space elite whom just sat at the spawn point . . and didn't even fire a weapon, heal or even activate his/her engines . . although was happy to "Need" on all the loot.

As a cruiser captain, i like to get stuck into the battle, drawing aggro to give a damaged player a break from a pounding. I personally don?t keep Heals to myself, i heal others whenever the abilities are recharged and when needed . . if i have to heal myself . . i actively look around to see if i can share the heal . . since i'll be using it anyway on myself.

This thread would explain to me why i got a private message after an STF last night, saying "It was nice to play with someone who heals all the time" I thought nothing off it . . and wasn't too sure what he meant, since i thought most people would help their team mates out . . . but perhaps not . . i thought he's just been unlucky in PUGS.