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04-02-2009, 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by UnleashMayhem View Post
First thing I have to say is....Captain Data! Finally he is resurrected. i mean it was obviously leading up to it but I expected it to take a little longer. I really hope us fans can consider the story of this game close to canon after release, because the parallels between Data and Spock just make so much sense.
And saying Remus could be the next Praxis is similar in drawing parallels with the past, all this stuff with the Romulans is vastly more complex but nonetheless like the Klingons in STVI
Obviously you didn't read the 2385 update. He was resurrected there, and it was well known he was going to be resurrected by anyone who has read the prequel comics for the new Star Trek movie. :p

That being said, great update, now I am going to have to sit back and reflect on how the Crusader's timeline will be updated.