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04-02-2009, 06:20 PM
I have to say, up untill now, they have just kinda been hohum for me. But I absolutely loved this update.

I have been promoting an independent Jem'Hadar faction operating in the Alpha/Beta quadrant pretty much since STOs inception, and I am really jazzed to see that they might just be going that route.

I am glad they are focusing on Rom on Feringinar, and I am finding the way they are handling that to be hilarious. Really good stuff.

Data as captain of the enterprise: Meh. Don't really like it I think.

Gorn/Klingons: Looking foreward to seeing more, but at this point it is just kinda there, neither interesting or boring, it just is.

Agreed. I also really liked the info on the Gorn, though I hope the war ends with the Gorn not just being a conquered people, but being slightly more willing members of the Empire, like maybe their worlds become client members.
Might be cool if the klingons and gorn wind up in a huge war, where there borders become less clearly defined untill both start to recognize the other as having those characteristics that their culture respects, and finally the two settle their differences with the borders pretty much being nonexistant and an unofficial unified state forms.