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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
That's a good point, but at the same time, should the guy who tried but sucks and got 10k damage and 15k heals get as much reward as his teammate who 20x'd his damage and got the only 2 kills the team got in a 2-15 stomping?
There is a point to what you say, but personally, why would you want to snuff any incentive to come back for a brand new PVPer?

For a new PVPer to get negligible rewards because he's new and sucks, is terrible. If he had any sense, he'd just stick to PVE. And for the Federation, that's very easy to do.

Then we find ourselves reinforcing again the current situation: Not as many PVPers, and new ones, with any badly thought out reward system, will have even less reasons to try PVP again.

It's already a humbling experience to see your prized Cruiser get smoked by a clever, seasoned PVPer in less than 3 seconds. But when you end the match after getting beaten hard, and try to learn from your mistakes, but see that you're getting squat for sticking around for the fight?... Why would you try again? I'd just go back to PVE and actually get rewards for my efforts.

Edit to add: I'm going to sort of veer off, but this brings to mind some changes that temporarily went in place some time ago in SWTOR. Win or lose a match, all active participants got something out of it, to make it worth your time. Naturally, winners got a bigger reward.

But BioWare implemented a change that winners got the good rewards, and the losing team got essentially squat.

You know what happened with participation in PVP? Players quit immediately on the very, very first sign of a loss. Better to quit and look for a match for a chance to win by rolling the opposing team. And after time, PVP dwindled even further.

BioWare saw the complaints in the forums and undid the PVP reward changes back to where it was before. Then boom, things were good again.

I'm down for booting an AFKer, but a budding new PVPer should not be thrown into the same lot with them since they aren't putting up spectacular numbers.

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