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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
It's already a humbling experience to see your prized Cruiser get smoked by a clever, seasoned PVPer in less than 3 seconds. But when you end the match after getting beaten hard, and try to learn from your mistakes, but see that you're getting squat for sticking around for the fight?... Why would you try again? I'd just go back to PVE and actually get rewards for my efforts.
But that player in this hypothetical situation hasn't put in any effort, really.
They've just rolled up to pvp thinking they already knoiw it all and got beaten by a more experienced player. What I, personally, would like to see is that player going away from that match with a reality check, saying to themselves "wow, I have got alot to learn if I want to play like that guy/get those awesome pvp rewards. I better get started on upping my game" as opposed to "**** that!, too much work".

Don't get me wrong, in general I agree with you; we don't want to be driving off fresh-meat-I-mean-new-players.
There's just no easy solution to the problem. Too much rewards for poor play and it's too carebear for the hardcore, too little rewards for poor play and it's too hardcore for the carebears, who may be put off.
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