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# 13 That is a bucha dead gagh
06-27-2012, 04:43 AM
Originally Posted by dunnlang View Post
8 missions, better than any of the launch Federation content, constitutes "MAJOR CONTENT BEFORE ALPHA" in any book. I did not make their point, I refuted it with actual evidence to the contrary.

Don't forget that they also opened up every sector in the game to the KDF, added Explore missions, Fleet Actions, Sorties, race specific costumes, and race specific ships.

Fact is that the KDF is the only faction that has received specific new mission content since the game was launched. If KDF players continue to ignore all the gains that have been made, then what is the point of even trying to make more progress?

Anyone can be displeased about the state of the faction, but there is no reasonable argument that the KDF has received no support when they have received just as much, if not more, faction specific support since the game launched.
I know that Factions are good in all but listen to yourself. KDF by my knowlege can care less about race ships like the Federation dose. I don't think they complain. Plus, that mission thing, 8 likke special KDF missions isnt gonna cover almost 100+ fed misions. And dont get me started with acess everywhere. Thats at MAruarding Rank 3 and Feds can come to our space as well. Feds have more costumes than KDF so much that KDF looks bland with only one special outfit for them. (C-Store, Not Honor) And specific mission content? I bet its the same with feds and you just making us think difrent. I may have not been playing long, but man do I know that the KDF is half dead gagh and there people are just plain dead gagh to the STO Team. Federation have Rare exploration as well as fleet actions, i guees sorties what ever that was, and FEDS HAVE RACE SHIPS*. So dont be tellin me thoses lies. And race specific costumes for KDF!?!??! Like I said, only Klingon Academy and dumb little side clothings that are blander than rotten gagh. (Dont think im using gagh for gagh, I REALLLY mean it.) And dont get me started with ships. KDF's newest was the Borstaque and the Feds? A CATIAN CAIIRER*, That little Escort ship, and that other carrier. If it was up to me, Id do it for the people. But STO Team want profit and if theres not enough KDF (Probally cause you ingore then like dead gagh.) It makes sense they get angry. Im KDF ever since lvl 25 Fed and let me tell yah NOT happy. And so you know, if you DARE just throw in a little ship for KDF, that isnt gonna help the many more problems you seem to ingnore. and let me tell you this now, you probally didnt know but if there was a lot of KDFs back then, why nothing there? PLus by what I know KDF came after Season 1 so again I take your words as Dead Gagh. Id say more but im seeing any other posts im talking about.

P.S. Gagh is an expression I use to show what I really mean being a KDF player.
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