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why is it that we only have 1 special race anyways huh!?!? We get Fersans. FEDS get Catians, Klingons, and Joined Trill. Dont get back at me for saying Klingon, its was unlockable, not a honorable one that you have no matter what in KDF. Sure we do have race ships like I said before but look at Fed. They do too rather it be the cats or the Vulcans. They also have a 20+ list of races or so. And Im really mad because you just happened to make the little Gorn-Klingon War up for curtural value . That isnt gonna help. Same with the others. IF anything, federation has more than KDF by my over exaggeration of infinity equation back a few posts up. That was my hour of talks. 4 posts in a row becuse of what STO is doing. It would not be so cluttered if you would just do stuuf for them. I have Gold. Your income can drop 144$ a year with 6-month but due to my love of Role playing, your lucky im still on and living off that.

Link For Gorn Forgery:
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