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04-02-2009, 09:14 PM
These updates are some of the best "lore" writing I have ever seen for any game.

Period, full stop.

In the latest batch, I found several items in particular that made me grin:
In retaliation for the death of Tal’aura, the Tal Shiar begins a campaign of assaults on the noble houses, arresting dozens of nobles and seizing their assets. Sela pushes back against the persecution of some of her major supporters, and sways the Senate to drastically cut funding to the Tal Shiar.
On Stardate 63446.41, an explosion destroys Rehaek’s home on the outskirts of Ki Baratan.
Two hours after the explosion, Tal Shiar forces storm Sela’s townhouse in Ki Baratan and take her and her personal guard into custody for the murder of Rehaek. In a secret trial held days later, Sela is sentenced to death for the crime. At the last minute, Donatra intervenes. She argues that the evidence is not overwhelming, and pressures Chulan to allow Sela and her supporters to accept permanent exile instead of death.
Oh, my. It is unwise to annoy the Tal Shiar.

Of course, Sela, the Tal Shiar, and Romulans in general being as sneaky as they are, I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing (including the murder of Rehaek's family and possibly Rehaek himself) had been cooked up jointly by the Tal Shiar and Sela working together. Perhaps this is merely a pretext for thinning out the noble houses (and acquiring their considerable assets) to smooth the way for Sela to supplant Donatra.

Or perhaps matters are exactly as they seem.

With the Romulans. And Sela.

On Stardate 63894.06, the refit of the Enterprise-E is completed and the ship, helmed by Captain Data, leaves the Utopia Planitia shipyards.
x 3:

1. "Captain" Data? He's considered now to have sufficiently human judgement to be granted the burden of command that goes with that rank?

2. "Refit" of the Sovereign-class flagship of Starfleet? To what? a diplomatic barge?

3. And "Captain" Data was assigned command of this ship?
Another update by Starfleet is its uniforms. Starfleet completes a redesign of the uniform code, and by the end of the year all of its officers are wearing the new designs.
Another decade, another uniform redesign. Apparently this is what Starfleet spends Federation money on when it's convinced that peace has broken out permanently....

(Nicely done, Kestrel! )
In addition to working to curb the rising hostilities between the Klingons and the Gorn, Federation diplomats are hard at work crafting a new pact between the Federation and the Cardassians. On Stardate 63976.74, the Cardassians sign a new treaty, in which they agree not to field a military or wage war. In exchange, the Federation agrees to provide aid to rebuild Cardassian cities and protection in the event of an invasion of Cardassian space. In response to the landmark agreement, the Bajoran coalition drops its request to prosecute Cardassians for war crimes. Many among the Bajorans and Cardassians hope that someday relations between them will be normalized.
So... Treaty of Versailles, then?

We know how well that turned out when a charismatic figure came along, promising to restore the rightful powers and possessions wrongfully taken from them.

That could never happen on Cardassia Prime, could it...?


All in all, another fantastic "Path" update.

Great stuff!