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Originally Posted by blagorm View Post
why is it that we only have 1 special race anyways huh!?!? We get Fersans. FEDS get Catians, Klingons, and Joined Trill. Dont get back at me for saying Klingon, its was unlockable, not a honorable one that you have no matter what in KDF. Sure we do have race ships like I said before but look at Fed. They do too rather it be the cats or the Vulcans. They also have a 20+ list of races or so. And Im really mad because you just happened to make the little Gorn-Klingon War up for curtural value . That isnt gonna help. Same with the others. IF anything, federation has more than KDF by my over exaggeration of infinity equation back a few posts up. That was my hour of talks. 4 posts in a row becuse of what STO is doing. It would not be so cluttered if you would just do stuuf for them. I have Gold. Your income can drop 144$ a year with 6-month but due to my love of Role playing, your lucky im still on and living off that.

Link For Gorn Forgery:
Because they don't anticipate enough of you will buy them. They picked the ONE they expected would sell the best to the game's current players.

They don't think enough of you exist to warrant it. They aren't going to work 10x as hard marketing to Klingons (and losing Federation players) to try to market towards balanced factions.

It is not a goal. It has never been a goal. It will never be a goal.

Everything they have done has been about accommodation and, over time, trying to increase accommodation beyond what they initially planned. It was never about maintaining two separate games. It was about two separate factions in one person's mind, Jack Emmert, and because the CEO offered something up as an idea pre-launch, pre-development, folks have been taking that as a promise even though everyone since December of 2009 has been trying to adjust expectations DOWN.

What you are asking for will NEVER be granted by developers and does absolutely nothing but agitate the community (those of us with Klingon alts included) and antagonize developers who won't and frankly can't give in fully to your demands, who will never be moved by your arguments, which are shaky.

I want more and better for the KDF. I think there are creative solutions.

But this idea of re-dressed content not counting and wanting absolute parity of missions is outrageous. Even WOW is about 2/3rds re-dressed quests between factions.

You are asking for something that is out of the question, that will never be granted, that only upsets people.

I do not understand why you ask for this. You were offered this once by Emmert. Everyone has since squarely said that it was not in the cards, that the CEO's words were not meant as a promise, that if you consider that a promise then it will always be a broken one.

You are fighting for nothing, for absolutely nothing. With nothing to gain.

And I am not asking rhetorical questions. I sincerely want to know why. Do you think there could conceivably be a reversal? Do you think fan polls and aggressiveness will EVER lead to anything constructive in this regard? I want to understand your position.