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04-02-2009, 09:52 PM
very interresting. Romulans as usual killing themselves ... thats no big news there lol elections are so time intense ...

Best part was bout the Ferengi this time. Since when is Rom Grand Nagus must have totaly missed this in DS9. I remember Roms son Nog beeing a captain in DS9 "the Visitor". Probably first Ferengi star fleet captain, but with alternate time line thing. Rom will do just fine.

Data is back. I wont ask questions on that one. hated it when he died. I thought "What regiseur let him die? I dont like him" just to show his mortality ...

Gorns are a good 2 meters tall and strong too. An honorfull battle. Martok wont listen to Worf no way!


Breens are mising?