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06-27-2012, 07:40 AM
I've been running solo against Federation aggressors in PvE to start learning how to fly my B'rel retrofit effectively as a torpedo boat. I was previously using DHC and DBA and doing okay, but not leveraging the enhanced battle cloak at all.

I figure if I can't do well in PvE I might as well forget about PvP.

I'm finding it's not as easy trying to fly a torpedo boat as it might seem watching some people's videos.

My biggest mistake is getting too close to tricobalt explosions.

I'm not getting the same damage results as others, but as a Science captain I can't expect to do quite as much damage as a Tac captain. Still, I need to figure out how to increase my damage output more. I'm not quite ready to buy a ship to get a Bio-Neural Torpedo just yet.

Right now I've got two transphasics, one tricobalt, and the breen transphasic cluster torpedo up front and a chroniton and a 'Peng on the back arc. Still playing around with different combinations.

How far out should I be starting my attack runs? Should I use or avoid overrun tactics? What's too close for firing tricobalts?