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Originally Posted by tharkan View Post
Actually, it goes more something like this:

Step 1: Visit the c-store website and find something that you like.

Step 2: Click to buy c-points.

Step 3: You are taken to a site where you can buy Zen.

Step 4: Use math to figure out how much zen to buy, then transfer a set amount that is too low to buy what you want, then transfer a smaller amount so that you have enough Cryptic points without going over and having extra cryptic points just sitting there doing nothing.

Step 5: Try then to buy Zen or earn it with surveys and watching videos, taking anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

Step 5a: Repeat until you have enough zen, avoiding surveys and offers that give you a chance to win a $1000 gift card (trust me, avoid these).

Step 5b: Log into your games and trade dilithium (or questionite if you are playing CO) for extra cryptic points

Step 6: Buy what you want, and if you traded dilithium/quesitonite for cryptic points and/or earned zen through surveys, offers, and/or videos, revel in the fact that you bought something from the cash shop without spending any cash.
C-Points are/will soon be, no more...
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